Disposable Face Towels For Personal Care

Disposable Face Towels For Personal Care

Premium and super soft cloths,disposable also biodegradable,keep away from bacteria.

Product Details

Disposable face towel

  • Absorbent-Special layering system soaks up moisture more effectively than any traditional towel.

  • Hygienic-Uses the latest technology to create soft, fresh-smelling and highly absorbent disposable towels that impress and reassure clients every visit.

  • Convenient-Liberates you from the laborious task of laundering cotton towels and saves on valuable storage space.

  • Cost-effective-Frees you from the fear of water, Easy dry will also free up employee time.

  • Environmentally friendly.You no longer have to launder cotton towels (or send them out to be laundered) which eats up precious energy with washing and, especially, drying.