Why Gel Memory Foam Is Your New BFF

- Mar 30, 2018-

If you're an average sleeper, you spend about 7.5 hours (1/3 of your life) sleeping. It's fine to be frugal, but if you want your sleep to be the most pleasant and refreshing part of your day, rather than achy and restless, you don’t want to skimp on your mattress. Instead, do your homework and select a mattress that will make nighttime and nap time a pleasure rather than a pain.

Types of mattresses

When you head out to shop for mattresses, here are the most common types you'll come across.


These traditional mattresses are constructed with springy coils that support your body weight, topped by cushioning and insulation that provides padding and comfort.


Long-lasting latex mattresses are constructed with natural or synthetic latex, or a combination of the two. Higher-quality latex mattresses consist of a core, which provides support, topped by as many as three layers designed to add softness and comfort.

Memory Foam

Within these polyurethane mattresses are many tiny air-filled cells. When you lie atop a memory foam mattress, the cells deflate and the memory foam conforms to your body shape. When you get off of the memory foam bed, the cells refill with air and return to a neutral shape. The name "memory foam" refers to the fact that the mattress retains its natural position (as if the mattress has memorized your shape).

Gel Memory Foam

Last but certainly not least is the gel memory foam mattress. This is a step up from the traditional memory foam bed, and incorporates the significant benefits of gel. Nature’s Sleep has pioneered the gel mattress over the last few years, but you may not have mattress shopped since then.

Gel: Welcome Newcomer to the Memory Foam Scene

Mattress comfort is highly subjective, but memory foam generally is considered the "top of the line" mattress. Gel mattresses deliver all the benefits of memory foam mattresses (body-conforming support and pressure relief for tired muscles and joints), but do so differently than traditional memory foam. Gel beads are added within the memory foam to provide outstanding cushioning and a ‘cooling’ effect. The gel beads actually collect under critical pressure points of the body, such as the hips, shoulders, and skull and gently support your body weight. In a sense, when you are sleeping on gel memory foam, you are sleeping on thousands of tiny balloons that alleviate pressure so your body can rest more comfortably. What could be more comfortable than sleeping on that?