What Is The Status Of The Current Industry Development Of Mattress?

- Apr 02, 2018-

Mattress market cake is not small, but there are many competitors. The current pattern is: The domestic first-line mattress brand occupies a major share of the subdivided regions, and the small brands divide up the rest; strong foreign brands settled in, domestic brands relied on the shuffle, and the entire mattress industry developed in the direction of rationalization and standardization. With the shift of consumer demand for mattress products to high-end and high-end products, the mattress industry has also started to focus on the high end. Nowadays, in different past days, the Chinese sleep consumer market has become hot with the improvement of people’s living standards. It is an investment in high-quality sleep. Durable and affordable are no longer what people choose when they choose mattresses, so they are more ergonomic. Pads, memory cotton and other soft mattresses are favored. The concept of scientific, healthy and comfortable sleep promotes high-consumption groups to focus more attention on high-end brand mattresses. The types of mattresses are also more varied and varied to meet the needs of different segments of the population. The mattress industry continues to evolve in adjustments. Mattress companies began to focus on brand building, brand awareness and maturity. Mattress enterprises with certain strength have improved and promoted the hard environment, worked hard, developed new market growth points, and realized the branding of products. Mattress companies continue to expand the scale of production, production capacity has increased significantly, and they can meet the people's demand for mattress production in time. Regional mainstream brands have emerged in major regions, and some of the strong domestic mattress brands have gained more market share. The mattress product market continues to be subdivided, from materials, functions, and in-depth development from consumer groups, thereby realizing new profit growth points.