What Is Latex Mattress!

- Mar 28, 2018-

Latex mattress refers to the rubber sap collected from the rubber trees and is produced through the superb technology process combined with modern equipment and technologies to perform the processes of die-cutting, foaming, gelling, vulcanization, water washing, drying, molding and packaging. A modern green bedroom with a variety of excellent performances for good quality and healthy sleep.

They are extremely precious, because every rubber tree can only produce 30cc of latex juice every day. A latex product takes at least one day and one and a half hours to complete, making it a time-consuming and precious material.

The latex mattress made of latex has high elasticity and can meet the needs of people of different weights. Its good support ability can adapt to various sleeping positions of sleepers. The contact area of the latex mattress is much higher than that of the ordinary mattress. It can evenly disperse the weight of the human body, and it has the function of correcting the sleeping position and has more sterilization effect. Another major feature of latex mattress is no noise, no vibration, effectively improve the quality of sleep, air permeability is better, the current market price is relatively high.



Since it is formed by evaporation molding, it has innumerable pores, air permeability is good, and the surface of the pores is smooth, so the worms and the like cannot adhere, and the latex juice has a very important feature that the scent it emits makes many mosquitoes Willing to be close. Excellent elasticity, no deformation, cleanable and durable. Is a good material for health;

Natural latex is made from rubber tree juice and molded by evaporative molding. Because it has numerous pores, it has good air permeability. At the same time, it has excellent elasticity and is not easily deformed. The fine latex mattresses are made of natural latex. It has good resilience, can prevent phlegm and antibacterial, can also meet the needs of different weight groups, good support can adapt to various sleeping positions of sleepers.

Latex is a good gift to nature for human sleep. Latex mattresses and pillows are the leading top cookware in advanced countries. In Europe, they found that to eliminate fatigue and sleep, natural bedding must be used to provide continuous support and a soft feeling. The unique characteristics of latex can not only satisfy the needs of consumers, but also meet the new trend of returning to the natural trend, that is, to respect oneself and to pursue the greatest comfort in life. So every year, millions of Europeans buy natural latex bedding.


1, latex itself can not stop the oxidation process, especially when exposed to ultraviolet light, the oxidation process is faster.

2, the real latex can not be molded, the so-called natural rubber latex rubber purity of only 20% -40%, most of the protein and sugar. Latex must be added to extend storage time.

3, However, latex rubber has an allergic effect, and about 8% of people are allergic to latex.

Antibacterial antibacterial

According to the medical report, pillows, bedding, and mattresses are hotbeds for the breeding of bacteria and dust mites. In the last three years, pillows contained 10% mold, mite feces, and numerous maggot mites. According to medical information, 12% to 16% of people have allergies, and 25% of these patients are due to allergies caused by dust mites in the home; more than 90% of patients with asthma are caused by dust mites at home. This shows that dust mites do harm to humans. Because of the oak protein in latex can inhibit bacteria and allergens lurking. Meet the requirements of environmental protection, can inhibit bacteria, maggots breeding, and no static electricity, scattered natural milk flavor. People who suffer from asthma and allergic rhinitis and other diseases of the respiratory system have benefited greatly.