Soft Towel, A New Way Of Washing Your Face

- Oct 26, 2018-


Why is this towel so hard?!

My cuticle is too thin. It's painful to wash face with a towel!

When paper napkin comes to water, will it become slag?!! 

 (๑• . •๑) 

Look, a new cotton towel can solve these problems you have.

◆Feel: soft

Plant fiber as raw material and patented technology, so the feel is very good, soft, used in the face will not have a puncture, thin cuticle person can enjoy too.

◆After wetting: insoluble

6-8 times the water absorption, not only good water absorption, but also insoluble after wetting, easily pull can not break, this is what paper towels can not reach.

◆Application: too many

You think it can only be used to wipe your face? Let's unlock the new usages. Do you have anything else to do with the bottles, the fruits, the snacks, the baby's saliva, the table stains, etc?

A multi-purpose household cotton towel is waiting for you.