Science And Technology Revolution - A New Type Of 3D Polymer Material

- Mar 22, 2018-

The 3D material is a breathable, elastic, supportive and new  material , and the material is composed of double-sided mesh and the middle of the connection wire . Double mesh design, the middle of the monofilament to X-90 vertical arrangement, breaking the traditional loose 0 support, the density is 800 times the spring, it can provide buffer protection, without cutting suture. Mattress double mesh makes 3D mattresses mattresses made of traditional materials have better breathability, environmental protection, support and personal fit.




1. Environmental protection: 3D mattress is made of 100% polyester material, non-toxic and odorless, and can be decomposed in full compliance with the requirements of people for environmental protection. 

2. Breathable: 3D mattress is composed of mesh structure, has superior permeability and heat permeability, less susceptible to moisture breeding bacteria, mold. 

3.Easy to clean: 3D mattress can be cleaned, but also easy to clean, so that you can effectively remove the odor and dirt on the mattress, mattresses do not become a breeding ground for bacterial growth. 

4. Resilience: According to the pressure per unit area, 3D mattress has a comfortable and reasonable resilience, the general a 1.8 * 2m bed there are as many as 4 million support points in the support of the human body and bones, make the body In a completely relaxed state, but also give users the most intensive protection.