New Standards Of Mattress Industry

- Jan 17, 2018-


Late last year, the mattress industry's new national standard, "soft furniture, fiber-elastic mattresses," officially began to implement, the mattress industry standards to fill China's mattress industry without industry standards gaps, the mattress industry played a normative role.


The new mattress industry standard "flexible furniture, fiber-elastic mattresses," the implementation of China's chaos mattress industry played a normative role, is conducive to the backwardness of some equipment, weak technical strength of small-scale mattress business development is conducive to plant fiber Mattress industry development and norms, improve product quality, restraint and removal of fake and shoddy product manufacturers and operators, but also for consumers to choose a brown mattress provide a reference.


 The new national standard on the entire mattress industry norms play a catalytic role. The new mattress industry standard will provide a scientific guide to the normative development of the software furniture industry. With the development of software furniture, the spring soft mattress industry also occupies a considerable market share in the market. The original standards can no longer meet the society's more stringent requirements for the production and testing of soft bed products.