How To Clean Mattress

- Mar 22, 2018-


1. The general method of cleaning mattresses

Clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner. This method can be cleaned without wetting the mattress to avoid staining caused by some dirt, to ensure that the mattress clean.

Try using upholstery cleaner. Because the decorative cleaner is used to clean the surface of the ornament that comes in contact with your skin, you can use it unless you are very sensitive to general cleaning agents. Another benefit is that it removes small bugs and their contaminants.

Use a biochemical enzyme cleaner. Biodegradable cleaners can effectively destroy the "biological structure" of contaminants, which will help remove these contaminants.


2. Clear mattress of unknown pollutants

Spray some citrus cleaner and leave for about five minutes. Then, use a clean white absorbent cloth to as much as possible to suck your spray cleaner. Warm tableware cleaners can also be used to clean this mattress.


3. Remove blood stains

Configure soda solution. Put a baking soda and two cold water into a large bowl to prepare a solution. With a clean cloth with a good solution on the dirt rubbed for 30 minutes. Clean the remaining solution with a piece of cloth soaked in cold water and use a dry towel to dry the water on the mattress.

Use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning. Apply a hydrogen peroxide cleaner to the mattress when it is bubbling. This may not completely remove all stains, but it will help remove dirt. Be sure to dry the hydrogen peroxide detergent with a clean, dry, white cloth.

Clean with detergent. Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid dish-washing detergent with twice as much cold water in a bowl. Soak a white cloth in the solution and rub the solution on the dirt. Rub gently with a toothbrush over the dirt and remove the dirt with a damp cloth. Use a cloth towel to dry the dirt cleaning place.


4. Remove the smell of cigarettes

Replace your sheets often. If you smoke, you should replace more frequently than ordinary people. This will help reduce the smell of cigarettes on the mattress.

Use a spray to remove the smell of cigarettes. Spray the spray on every point of the mattress and then dry the mattress for a day or two.


5. To clean moldy mattress

Put the mattress in the sun for a while Moldy mattresses are caused by excessive moisture. Put your mattress in the sun and try to wipe the surface mold.

Clean the upper and lower sides of the mattress with a vacuum cleaner. Remember to clean the filter bag of the vacuum cleaner when you finish cleaning.


6. Remove urine stains and odor

Remove as much liquid as possible and use a clean, enzymatic product. Spray the detergent on the stain and then dry the stain in an orderly manner.


7. Clean colored drinks caused by stains

Rub with alcohol. Alcohol can remove stains well. Instead of dripping alcohol onto stains directly, use a clean, absorbent, alcohol-soaked cloth to blot dry.

Use citrus cleaner or vinegar. Spray it on the dirt or rub it on the stain with a clean white cloth. The acid in the detergent helps to eliminate stains.