Chemical Problems In Children's Mattresses

- Jan 26, 2018-

The US Environmental Protection Organization named Clean and Healthy New York published a report that found that a large number of cot mattresses on the market contain chemicals of concern, including certain flame retardant substances, neon, polyurethane, and volatile organic compounds.

To assess the chemicals used in the mattress manufacturing process, the NGO obtained relevant information from 28 American mattress manufacturers. Among them, 72% of the mattress models used one or more chemicals (concerns) that were defined as concerns, 20% of the mattress had no harmful substances, and another 8% avoided the use of potential allergen substances

For this study, the American Chemicals Association responded, “Consumers should consider the benefits of flame retardants in mattresses. Flame retardants can play a key role in reducing the degree and frequency of home fires.” U.S. and European government administration After launching an audit, institutional scientists said that the flame retardants currently used in furniture are safe, and consumers should pay more attention to the safety advantages of flame retardant materials.