What should I do before I buy a mattress

- Apr 25, 2018-

1, understand the classification of mattresses (materials, brands).

2. Set your own budget.

After setting a budget, choose according to your budget and find the mattress that suits you best within your budget. Please do not be guided shopping "life has 1/3 spent in bed, so be sure to buy a good mattress" and flickered to constantly increase their established purchase budget. Unless you need a special bed for your own medical equipment, say something else.

What is the softness you need?

Do not blindly believe that hard beds and soft beds are not good. In fact, people who make mattresses know that mattresses are hard to do. The "good mattress" should have two points, comfort and support. Comfort is usually achieved with cushions on the mattress, which means that if you buy back the mattress is too hard to increase comfort by adding a 6-12cm cushion. The support is usually achieved by the spring portion of the mattress. Please note that the support is hard, but the pressure and rebound, that is, if your spring is flexible, can not fall down to fall, but to fit your body curve.

The specific choice of mattress needs hard or soft, just like your previous life habits, do not cross too much. The bear brother and a friend received two funny complaints. One was a person who used to sleep on a hard bed and later slept on a soft bed. It was not long before the lumbar disc became prominent. One was accustomed to a soft bed, and the mattress was a bit harder. I can't sleep at all.

What is the size of the mattress you need?

Look at a few factors. The size of the bedroom, the fatness and the thinness of you and your partner, the habit of both of you sleeping, the width of your two quilts... Of course, the most restrictive is the size of your two bed frames.