What are the new trends and trends in the mattress market?

- Apr 02, 2018-

Judging from the current situation, the number of mattress companies will continue to decrease, and the next batch of mattress factories with backward production, lack of innovation, and stereotypes will be downgraded; some brands with farsightedness and knowing marketing will be highlighted in the adjustment. , to win the trust of the market and consumers. As mentioned earlier, the market will continue to be subdivided, and the development and marketing of mattress products will be more precise and targeted, and the value of corporate investment and output will be enhanced. It is believed that there will be constant influx of mattresses for different objects and functions such as men, women, the elderly, children, families, hotels, leisure, and treatment. The mattress market will be more prosperous and perfect, and everyone can find the most suitable one. Your own mattress. The brand war caused by this will inevitably arise, companies will increase the investment in online media, television media and print media advertising, mattress industry will enter the deepening stage of brand marketing. Of course, the mattress market will also have a large increase in capacity. The introduction of such policies as rural urbanization and furniture to the countryside will directly and indirectly promote the consumption of mattresses. Mattress companies will have great potential!