Types of memory foam pillows

- Mar 29, 2018-

  • Traditional. These pillows look like regular pillows, but are made from memory foam. They’re rectangle, one piece, and cut to size. In addition, traditional memory foam pillows are tailored with a single seam around the four edges – with angled/sloped edges – or a double-seamed edge that gives the pillows a higher loft.

  • Contour. A contour memory foam pillow dips in the middle, a feature that delivers neck support and a place to cradle your head. This type of pillow is especially great for back sleepers.

  • Neck roll. Yep, it is what it seems – this type of memory foam pillow is one long roll that can easily support your neck while sleeping, or while you’re traveling by car or plane.

  • Wedge. Shaped like a sloping triangle wedge, these pillows have numerous purposes. Not only can you use them under your head for sleeping, but also to elevate your lower body and relieve pressure on your lower back. Some women even use them during pregnancy.

  • Shredded. A shredded memory foam pillow is filled with shredded foam pieces that make the pillow more breathable and cooler than normal memory foam.