Top Solutions to Soften a Firm Mattress (Simple & Affordable)

- Apr 12, 2018-

Hey, tired of insomnia every each night because your mattress is too firm? Well, this is going to stop once you read this post (on how to make mattress softer).

As a matter of fact, a good night sleep is one of the best ingredients for good health. Research has found that people who sleep comfortably rarely have heart problems, make smart financial decisions and maintain good posture. Your mattress needs to be comfortable enough for a decent night sleep.

Replacing your mattress that feels firmer with a softer one can be expensive. Luckily, there are few options you can use to hack it and make it feel better. However, these options depend on how soft you want it to get. The 4 alternatives explained below will do the magic to give you a rewarding night sleep

1. Check your foundation and beddings

Did you know that your bed can affect the feeling of your mattress? Well, its condition greatly affects how firm or soft your mattress would feel. Solid foundations like wood planks, firm platform or the floor provide less give to your mattress thus making it feel considerably firm. So if your foundation is very firm you may need to change it to provide some give; this could make the mattress feel much better thus improving the quality of your sleep.

Equally important, tight sheets keep your body stretched tight which creates the firm sensation. Therefore, you need to ensure your bedsheets are loose enough. Mattress protectors are great alternatives as they will allow your body to sink. In addition, they contour well with your body making the mattress feel much better.

2. Break your mattress in to make it softer

walking on mattress to make it softer

Does your brand new mattresses feel too firm to sleep on? If yes, you may want to break it in a bit for greater comfort and a luxurious night. Breaking in the mattress involves walking across the surface of your mattress several minutes each day to help the materials soften. Similarly, you can get the kids involved in this, however, avoid jumping on the bed not to damage its frame and foundation.

Likewise, you may need to continue sleeping on it for some time because it may be that your body needs some time to adjust to the new sleeping surface. With time your body will get used to the sleeping surface, and the mattress will break in automatically and start feeling better.

You can also rotate your mattress regularly say after every 2 days. This help distributes the body weight to the high-density areas of the mattress, and this promotes even wear. After a few weeks of rotation, the mattress will get comfortable.

3. Warm it up

The type of material making your mattress could be responsible for the temporal hardness. For example, most memory foam mattress are sensitive to temperature. Therefore they feel a bit firmer in cooler temperatures but tend to soften in warmer temperatures. Although cool rooms provide the best sleeping environments, adjusting the temperature of your room can work miracles for your firm mattress. You can also use a gently heated pad on the mattress, and it will help soften the surface a bit.

4. Make Mattress Softer with a Mattress Topper

Alternatively, try a mattress topper, this is so far the best solution to adjust firmness of a mattress.

A mattress topper is bedding that is spread on top of the mattress before it is dressed to supplement comfort and reduce the uncomfortable feel of the mattress. The use of a mattress toppers is the most popular way to soften a firm mattress. Apart from adding comfort to your bed, there are other many benefits of using a mattress topper. These include;

a topper add more comfort to mattress

Pressure relief; having a mattress topper is going to reduce the excessive pressure your mattress can exert to the heavier parts of your body such as the shoulders and hips.  Many mattresses cannot guarantee comfortable night sleep, and the excessive pressure on some body parts can be unhealthy for you.

Additional comfort; a soft mattress topper compresses easily under the bodyweight than the mattress to provide extra comfort and support. also, the extra foam you are adding on your mattress offers extra comfort.

Lengthens the life of the mattress; a topper eliminates the subject matter of sleeping directly on the mattress, this protects your mattress from body perspiration, dead skin, bacteria, and indentations. Since the topper will prevent these elements from getting down to your mattress, your mattress will last a little longer.

Ultimate choice of comfort level; toppers come in different thickness and density just like mattresses this gives you the ultimate choice of your ideal level of support.

Economical; high-quality mattresses offer the most comfortable sleeping surface, but hey can be too expensive to buy. Mattress toppers also cost money but are much cheaper than the highest quality mattresses, so purchasing a mattress topper is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire mattress.

It is a travel companion; toppers are incredibly lightweight and easy to move around. They are convenient, and you can take them with you on your road trips. You can easily spread it on the bed if the mattress feels too firm to create a comfortable sleeping surface. 

Temperature control; a firm mattress may overheat while you sleep on it and this can disrupt your sleep. However using a good topper can help regulate the temperature between your body and the mattress for cooler night rest.

A fitted sheet will fit perfectly; because of the different thickness of the mattress, fitted sheets are not made to fit the mattress perfectly sometimes it can be somewhat big for your bed. But because the topper will add the height of the mattress, your fitted sheet will fit perfectly over your bed.

Can reduce allergies; provided you are going to invest in a hypoallergenic mattress topper, struggling with allergies often caused by dust and materials inside your mattress is going to be a thing of the past.

Keeps your mattress relatively new; with a topper, you will be sleeping on the topper itself, not on the mattress. This will ensure your mattress remain relatively new a lot longer.

You will sleep to your preference; a topper made from quality materials allow you get a better night sleep. It can also reduce the effects of movement from the other partner; this helps you to undisturbed sleep. You will wake up refreshed and feeling ready for your to-do-list

Versatile; the various types of mattress toppers means you can get a perfect topper for any type of mattress that you may buy. In addition, toppers are easy to clean and maintain.