Tips For Choosing Pure Natural Latex Mattress

- Jan 15, 2018-

Travel to Southeast Asia, many people will buy latex mattresses on return, for their own use or gift to friends and family.Because of its breathability, resilience and other advantages, latex mattresses favored by the vast number of consumers. However, prices are generally higher due to the preciousness of raw materials. Good and bad quality of foreign products, consumers are also difficult to safeguard their rights and interests after the emergence of the problem, so there is a certain risk to buy latex mattresses from abroad, consumers need to be cautious choice.


There are synthetic latex mattresses and natural latex on the market, if consumers want to buy pure natural latex mattresses abroad, to learn some basic skills.

First, take a look. Pure natural latex mattress is yellow-white, the surface has thousands of honeycomb stomata. Synthetic latex will form a hard shell on the surface, more rigid than the natural latex, and the color is yellowish.

Second, smell. Synthetic latex from the oil, natural latex from the rubber tree, pure natural latex mattresses will exudes a touch of aromatic flavor, this flavor is the smell of latex itself, non-toxic and harmless, if it smells more pungent, it needs Cautious buy.

Three is to try. This is mainly to experience the softness and bearing properties of the mattress. The natural latex mattress can evenly disperse the weight of the human body and can quickly rebound after getting up.

Fourth, touch. Compared to foam mattresses, latex mattresses feel more delicate, soft and smooth. Really pure natural latex mattress will quickly rebound by hand pressure, and synthetic latex mattress rebound slower.

Experts also reminded that although natural latex mattress raw materials from nature, but still 8% of people who sleep will have an allergic reaction, so before buying to determine whether the next latex allergy.