The method of testing mattress

- Mar 28, 2018-

There is no better alternative to testing in person on your own, and you should try sleeping mats in your usual, preferred, and normal sleeping position.

Lying on the mattress, you can feel the support and support of all parts of the body, especially the back and waist; then you can also feel the support and support of the back and waist of the body. Then you put your body in the usual habit. Sleeping posture, after many turns, feels the comfort and support of the mattress.

If you want to buy a double bed, it's best to try it together with your partner. The two people also experience the softness of the mattress, and the fit of the mattress size. What's more important is the comfort that the mattress brings to sleep for two people.

Identification method

Smell: The natural latex pillow emits a light, creamy flavor (this smell is the smell of the latex pillow itself) is non-toxic and harmless, and it is not a characteristic of other pillows).

Look: Latex pillows have thousands of honeycomb pores that hold more air than other fibers. These holes can drain the excess heat and moisture discharged by the body, promote natural ventilation, provide the best natural air conditioning system, and keep the air inside the pillow fresh and healthy. Every season feels comfortable. The use of summer can deeply appreciate its refreshing comfort. Anti-bacterial anti-bacterial, to prevent allergies, latex itself has anti-bacterial, dust-proof effect, can prevent the growth of bacteria, but also to prevent skin, nasal allergies.

Touch: Feel comfortable, like a baby's skin is tender and smooth; sweaty hands touching a latex pillow will turn the latex yellow, which is normal.

Pressure: Latex pillows will rebound quickly when pressed down by hand.

Can be washed with water: latex pillow is the most convenient is the washable, natural latex pillow is easy to clean manually (usually do not need, just gently tapping on it), as long as the dehydration with fans dry, or oven low-temperature drying, never Deformation, easy maintenance, collapsible, good collection, is the most comfortable choice for healthy sleep.

When cleaning, it must be hand-washed by hand, and it must not be put in the washing machine or other machine equipment, because it will be crushed.

Hand wash as much as possible by extrusion.


The price of natural latex is relatively expensive, and some people do not like it, and they love the traditional spring bed. Then add a layer of latex pad on the bed of the independent spring, will it achieve 1 +1> 2 effect?

Relatively speaking, the latex mattress is soft, and the free-standing mattress is hard. These are two completely different preferences. Overlaying the two may not create a double affection. If the thickness of the latex pad is not enough, it will not be able to produce a corresponding bearing force; if it is too thick, it will offset the tension of the spring; if the latex layer is too thin, experts believe that its supporting function is reduced, mainly in the air permeability, anti-sensitivity, and prevention. Noise plays an improvement role.

However, because of the skin-friendly, high-rebound, antibacterial and dustproof effects of natural latex, many people still like to buy a portable latex pad as a bedding for travel, picnics, etc. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the latex pad. Too thin pads will not provide good bearing force, and it is not conducive to care. For simple example, the new patented partitioned open mattress structure breaks the traditional flat mattress structure, and the technology adjusts the stress point of the inner heart so that the protruding part of the body falls down on the mattress contact surface and is supported by force and makes the body in sleep. Blood circulation is more smooth and improves immunity. This is the result of the use of collocation, and it is also the healthy sleep that is created. It is also the quality of sleep that the workplace professionals pursue.