The development of intelligent mattress

- Apr 29, 2018-

After more than 80 years of development, smart homes have been used to facilitate people's lives.

Shuda Tradesman pioneered the subdivision of the imported smart mattress series, using cutting-edge sleep technology and new materials to personally support various parts of the sleeper's body. By autonomously adjusting the height of the landing and landing of the mattress, we can realize the 5 experience of intelligent mattresses:

Zero pressure experience, relieve neck and back pressure, increase blood circulation;

Visual experience, whether it is watching TV, movies, books, etc., the visual experience can make you enjoy a comfortable and relaxed life;

Convenient experience, the bed after the move, allows you to easily and easily get the items placed on the bedside table;

Massage experience, optional three-style massage experience can further ease the fatigue from the body;

Practical experience, in line with various standard size bed frames, without worrying about the integrity of the furniture.