The Best Mattress for an Adjustable Foundation

- May 22, 2018-

Adjustable beds are popular for many reasons, including lifestyle, comfort preference, and health. Serta offers queen and king size adjustable foundations plus a variety of mattress options that pair perfectly with our foundations.

The best mattress for an adjustable bed

An adjustable bed does require the right kind of mattress. Adjustable foundations bend at a variety of angles, and a compatible mattress is specifically designed to allow that while still maintaining its support.

Serta offers a variety of compatible mattress options, so it's easy to find your ideal sleep combination. All memory foam and hybrid models of our iComfort and Perfect Sleeper mattresses work with Serta adjustable foundations, which means that whatever your comfort preference, you'll find a compatible mattress that suits it.

Find your perfect pair! Shop Serta's adjustable foundations and compatible mattresses.

Why adjustable beds are a smart investment

Adjustable foundations allow you to completely customize your sleep position for health or comfort. By raising the head of an adjustable bed, you can sleep or rest in a more upright position, which helps combat allergies, sinus drainage, acid reflux, snoring, and back pain. With an adjustable foundation, you can also raise the foot of your bed to promote circulation. And elevating both creates a comfortable lounging position.

Adjustable beds are also good for people who like to bring work or reading material to bed. While working at night isn't always ideal, it happens, and many of us prefer to respond to late-night emails from the comfort of our pillows. As reading material goes digital, more of us end up with a laptop or tablet in bed. Either way, an adjustable foundation allows you to work, read, or watch TV without straining your neck.

If you're upgrading to an adjustable bed, rest assured that Serta has a compatible mattress that perfectly suits your sleep style and comfort preference.