Straw used to be the main filler for mattresses

- Feb 08, 2018-


Many years ago, people had almost no personal life space. All the children and young people and their servants slept in the hall. Some were laying cushions, some made straw bales and blankets as their bed in the hall. By the Middle Ages, the magnificent king-size bed appeared, and the bed was the most valuable property for most homeowners. In Shakespeare's time, a decent covered bed cost £ 5, equivalent to an ordinary primary school Half the teacher's salary.

In the 19th century, an encyclopedia divided the mattresses into 10 categories according to their comfort level: feather, feather, wool, fleece, hair, cotton, shavings, seaweed, sawdust, straw. For the most comfortable feather and feather mattress, the soft bed looked great, but as soon as it lay down, it soon realized that it had sunk itself into a stiff, airtight, two-bellied hill Narrow slit.

Moreover, the down and feather mattresses are very inconvenient to clean up. An ordinary mattress contains about 40 pounds (about 18 kilos) of feather or feather, and pillows and cushions have about the same weight. You have to pour them out from time to time Dry a dry, or smelly. Many people have large swarms of geese, and every time they kill their geese, they accumulate and renew their mattresses, apparently a very tiring job.

If you can not afford to buy down, wool or horse hair is a cheaper option, but the smell is unpleasant. In the hometown of President Lincoln of the United States, people use corn bran, which is neither comfortable nor creaky.

Moreover, the birds are often tainted and unpleasant to excrement due to stress and unpleasantness. Feathers are often contaminated and bacteria grow. Therefore, the feather mattress is often not only a paradise for bed bugs, fleas and moths, but also a shelter for rats. Many of the nights that accompany you to sleep are the unpleasant grudges coming under the mattress, so it is recommended to use fresh straw and change it frequently. The same is true. Historically, the most basic and most commonly used filler for mattresses is straw.

Washington encountered a mattress dilemma during the American Revolutionary War. At that time on the battlefield, whether soldiers or officials, want mattresses have only one option: straw. So they had to look for a lot of straw in the countryside, and such mattresses had to be replaced on a regular basis, otherwise the bed would soon be covered with pests. Washington therefore issued a notice calling for "owners within 70 miles of the headquarters" to thresh half the rice by a certain date. "In theory, this measure will create enough straw."