Removal of formaldehyde

- Apr 21, 2018-

Before introducing the method of removing formaldehyde, let's talk about what kinds of mattresses may carry the danger of formaldehyde. A smelly mattress will carry formaldehyde. Isn't it safe to have a tasteless mattress? This idea is not scientific. Formaldehyde has a pungent odor that changes with the concentration of formaldehyde. Experiments have shown that when the concentration of formaldehyde is 0.15 mg/m3 or less, it is not easy to be noticed, and the maximum allowable concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor air 0.08 mg/m3. Therefore, if you want to judge whether the mattress has formaldehyde pollution, the best way to buy a professional self-test box test.

What if the mattress is found to exceed formaldehyde? You can open the bedroom window and insist on daily ventilation to speed up the air flow in the bedroom. In this way, it can not only discharge indoor harmful gases in time, but also introduce fresh air and reduce the indoor formaldehyde concentration. Can also put a few packets of activated carbon and Mayan blue in the bed, this material can use its own pores to absorb the harmful substances released by the mattress, with ventilation, can speed up the removal of formaldehyde.

Stay away from formaldehyde and sleep well; selection is critical.

Many businesses hit the banner of "zero formaldehyde" and launched the so-called "zero-aldehyde" concept. Is there really so much "zero-aldehyde" products in a mixed-living home shopping mall? In this regard, some people in the industry have explained that the “Zero Formaldehyde” marketed by businesses is a concept of stealing, and in fact it is “zero addition of formaldehyde”. The real situation is: no matter how natural the various types of materials themselves, contain trace amounts of formaldehyde, so consumers should have a clear-headed consciousness, choose healthy and environmentally-friendly products, should understand in detail whether the formaldehyde emission of the commodity exceeds the national standard; Don't be fooled by the "conversion of concepts"!