Memory foam features

- May 07, 2018-

Slow-Resilient Memory Foam Mattress senses human body temperature through unique temperature-sensitive memory particles and provides comfortable support hardness. At the same time, it can sense and remember the human body curve. It is perfectly shaped according to the human body fluctuations, and protects the neck, waist, buttocks and legs. The natural curvature. Whether supine or lying on the side, can make all parts of the body in a state of no pressure, promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue and soreness of the body, avoid the traditional mattress because of neck and waist bending produce fatigue feeling and stiff neck, so that The cervical spine and spine are completely relaxed and rested, which in turn reduces the number of unnecessary turn-ups during sleep and reduces snoring, muscle soreness and other conditions.

1. Regardless of whether you are lying on the side or lying on the side, you can automatically create a comfortable effect according to your body's needs, effectively resolve the body pressure to zero pressure, counteract the anti-motivation, and completely relax the neck, shoulder, and waist;

2. To avoid the fatigue caused by bending the neck and waist of the traditional mattress and the ills of the stiff pillow;

3. Does not hinder blood circulation, is not prone to fatigue and soreness, reduces the number of unnecessary turnings during sleep, and increases deep sleep time;

4.Excellent choice of materials, breathable and sultry, long service life;