Mattress Material - Slow Rebound Memory Foam

- Jan 27, 2018-

1 .Definition

Memory foam, also known as inert sponge, memory foam slow rebound, low bounce sponge, slow bouncing sponge, pressure-sensitive sponge. According to the different process, can be divided into polyether foam series and MDI molding series.

Memory foam was originally a high-tech material designed and developed by NASA for space programs. It is designed for astronauts and helps ease the pressure on astronauts taking off and landing and flying. Because of its stress-relieving features, it allows the body to rest in a natural, stress-free position.

Memory foam features greatly reduce the frequency of overturning in the bed, improve people's sleep quality. Medical research shows that sleeping on a memory foam mattress reduces the average number of overturns in bed from 80-100 to 17-20 when sleeping. Pressure relief, is the most important reason for a sense of comfort.

  • The unique temperature characteristics, when heated will become soft, harden when cold, when exposed to human body temperature, the surface of the particles soften, with the softening of the body weight of the particles evenly distributed pressure area, to shape your body size, eliminate stress points. When the human body leaves, it will slowly regain its status.

  • It fit your body type, provide complete support for the body, completely release the pressure.

  • With unparalleled durability, high-density material to ensure that it has a strong endurance and strong support. 

2 .Main features

When the memory foam is subjected to external compression and deformation, it will not immediately rebound, but delayed a few seconds and slowly restored memory foam can remember the shape of its compression. The commonly used method of checking material properties is to press the memory foam with the palm of your hand and then remove it. You find that a shaped fingerprint is clearly visible on the surface, but it returns to normal state after a while without trace and completely regains mechanical properties.