Infant mattress industry will launch new standards to dust mites

- Jan 13, 2018-

Dust mites have become one of the major pests in life. According to statistics, asthma caused by dust mites accounted for 70% -80% of the total number of allergic patients.

Data show that in patients with allergic diseases, about 50% -90% of patients were sensitized by dust mites. Dust mites are harmful arthropods that are hard to see with the naked eye and feed on dander.


Where there are people living there are mites, especially the carpet, bedding is their breeding ground: "Our bed will live more than 200 million mites, step by step can be trampled to death 4000." Sensitivity has been recognized at home and abroad: regardless of live mites, dead mites  are all very strong allergens. Their particle inhaled by allergiers, trigger an allergic reaction.


There are two ways to physical anti-mite and chemical anti-mite. In general, physical anti-mite is better whether it is safe or reliable.  The National Furniture Standardization Technical Committee is initiating the development of "infant mattresses" industry standards, bedding for infants and young children will have dust mite requirements. "Based on the quest for child safety and health, current products have been designed for anti-mite (physical anti-mite) design and R & D, medical-grade anti-mite material can solve the anti-mite and taking into account the comfort of users of infants and young children. An expert said: "With the popularization of science popularization, many young parents have started to recognize the control of dust mites, but the general attention needs to be further improved."