how to lay out the mattress you want

- Apr 25, 2018-

Many of the respondents said that they would lie down on the spot to find the best mattress for themselves.

Here is a cruel fact that most people cannot confirm what they want, no matter how long they lie down. The buddies who sell mattresses told them that they often pretend that customers go to other brands for market research, and that because they lay so many beds, they cannot directly tell which mattress is the most suitable for them.

Many people tried their mattresses by lying down. In fact, they were already impressed by the value of the mattress, the price, and the introduction of shopping guides before lying down. They lay on it and tried it, just to find another one. Convince yourself of the reason.

So, the advice for everyone is not to be too tangled because most people can't make a difference in a short period of time. What you want to confirm is price, hardness, and size.

Fourth, how to bargain when buying a mattress?

Remember, bargaining is a psychological tactic that has nothing to do with the product itself. Below the high energy, because the next method, not only applies to the mattress, other furniture other than the mattress is OK. Friends who are already at a bargain can skip this question:

In fact, when shopping guide introduces you to the product, she will be on the sidelines to understand your purchasing power. In addition to the front dress, you will also ask/observe which area you live in, what job you are, and whether you will speak English or not. Therefore, try to talk as little as possible. The ones most afraid of shopping guides are those who don’t answer questions. It’s not uncommon to get such people.

After visiting his or her own 2-3 brand of mattress, write down the brand and model information of the mattress and ask them three questions about the price: Is it the national price? What is the lowest price? What is the price of the next activity? Write down all, direct TB search the lowest price of the same paragraph, calculate the freight, multiplied by 110%, come back and ask for shopping guide, this price is willing to not sell. At this time, shopping guides will definitely refuse to return. It doesn't matter. If you go, she will have 80% chance to call you back. The big deal is to shoot on the Internet (it is recommended to buy it because it is more convenient after sales).

Most furniture brands cannot achieve a unified national price (unless the brand operates its own store), and local distributors will multiply the cost by 4-5. In this way, the official price of 3,000 mattresses you see in the store is 5,000, and the official price is the confidential information that you cannot find online.