Five Misunderstandings of Mattress Usage

- May 21, 2018-

Mattress as an intimate "partner" of people, people will always use their own habits in the process, those little habits seem to have no effect on us, but for the mattress, it may affect the use of results and Life, and thus affect the quality of sleep. Let's take a look at these misuses. Are you "inviting"?

1 Sleep directly on the "naked" mat

Some people will sleep directly on the mattress in order to save the trouble of laying and washing sheets. As everyone knows, this will cause about 500ml of water to be lost in the human body during sleep every night, and about 1.5 million dander cells that are metabolized on a daily basis will be directly absorbed by the mattress and will infiltrate into the mattress from time to time from outside to inside. The contamination of the mattress makes it a breeding ground for aphids and bacteria.

 Solution: Before laying a soft, soft sheet, you can put a protective pad on the mattress, not only to protect the mattress, but also increase comfort.

2 Never do mattress cleaning

One night, "2 million locusts to accompany you to sleep" is not an alarmist, after all, a locust can become 300 in 3 months. Especially on mattresses that are not cleaned for a long time, or with children's urine, spilled drinks, side-leakage aunt stains, etc., provide favorable conditions for the growth of bacterial aphids.


Countermeasures: Whenever you replace the sheets, you can take a special vacuum cleaner to do a cleaning treatment. If you accidentally wet the mattress, you can use a towel or paper towel to wipe dry and then dry it with a hairdryer. If you have conditions, you can also ask a professional team to do regular cleaning.

3 Do not tear the packaging film when using the new mattress

Newly-purchased mattresses usually have a packaging film to ensure that they are not contaminated during transportation. Many consumers feel that "if they spent a lot of money on buying mattresses, it would be a shame if they were soiled." "Packaging the packaging film not only prevents the breeding of locusts, but also prevents moisture and dampness." ... otherwise, the mattress is covered with a packaging film. It is not breathable, and it is prone to dampness, mildew, and even stink.

Countermeasures: Before using the mattress, remove the packaging film, put the mattress in a ventilated place for a period of time so that the inside of the mattress is ventilated and kept dry. In addition, the use of a mattress for a period of time, you can also put the mattress upright, with a fan to blow, in addition to the dehumidifier, so that the mattress occasionally breathed fresh air.

4 mattress long-term use does not flip

Spring mattresses have a unique feature. If you often sleep on one side, the mattress is prone to uneven conditions. Because of its continuous stress, it is easier to lose support. If you sleep in one position for a long period of time, the springs and quilted layers of the force point will be worn more seriously, which not only affects the sleeping feeling, but also affects the service life.

 Countermeasures: Replace the left and right sides of the mattress regularly. If the mattress is used on both sides, you can replace the front and back sides. The frequency of replacement is best adjusted once every 2-3 months. This will help the mattress evenly and prevent local pressure collapse.

5 single blanket for bed linen

The sheets and blankets that are not used at home are used directly as sheets. Basically, every household has done it. After all, it is convenient and saves money. In fact, this approach is not proper, a blanket, blankets are more thick than the sheets, sleep more hot on the top; second, the sheets, blankets as sheets, more likely to "pick up" or derived hairs, "dirty "mattress.

Countermeasures: Whether it is the use of bed skirts, protective pads, mattresses or sheets, it is all about protecting the mattress. Sheets are not only a spacer between the mattress and the human body, but they also protect the mattress from being directly soiled to some extent.

In the use of mattresses, the above-mentioned 5 errors in the basic everyone will be "invited." Use mattresses correctly, avoid misunderstandings while protecting the mattress, and create a more comfortable and healthy sleeping environment for yourself. There is suda, if you want to sleep!