Bedroom Products Description

- Jan 18, 2018-


1. Bed

(1) the size of the bed

The most common size on the US  are Twin (39 "X75"), Twin XL (39 "X80"), Double (54 "x75"), Queen (60 "x80"), King (76 "X80") Five sizes.

In general, a person sleeping can choose Twin Size, boys over 180cm tall can consider buying Twin XL.

Two girls sharing a bed can choose Double or Queen, a man and a woman choose Queen, two men choose King.

(2) the type of bed

Bed = Box + Mattress

A box plus a mattress is a handy choice for many students. Box is also called mattress foundation, under the mattress, used to increase the height of the mattress.

Bed = Bed Frame + Box + Mattress

If you think the base plus mattresses is not high enough, you can add a bed frame under the box. Bed frame can be solid wood, it can be a metal frame.

(3) special bed

Air mattress

The air bed is usually reserved for guests and is more convenient for storage and handling, suitable for students who do not have a fixed place to stay.

Trundle bed

The Trundle bed is a space-saving design: a small bed with a wheel hidden under a large bed, and a small bed can be used when needed.

Cottage bed

The Cottage bed has a magnificent Headboard.

(4) headboard

The following is a common headboard shape name:

Bookcase headboard, it is suitable for placing books, skin care products and small ornaments.

2.Nightstand (Night table)

Main types: (1) (with drawer)

                    (2) (with door / cabinet)

                     (3)  (With open cubbie)

3. Bedding

bedding includes sheets, duvet covers, quilts, comforters / duvets, pillow cases / shams, bedspreads, blankets, and the like.

Among them, the sheets can be divided into flat sheet and fitted sheet, flat sheet is a piece of flat cloth; and fitted sheet is surrounded by a rubber band sewn around, can be used to wrap the mattress, so that the sheets are not easily displaced.

Comforter and duvet are quilts, but the difference between the two. Comforter is usually larger than the size of the bed, comes with patterns, do not need to be wrapped in a quilt cover, you can directly wash.

Duvet is the core, usually white, thicker than the comforter, the size is generally not larger than the bed, need to be covered with a cover, can not be directly washed.