20 Funny Facts About Sleep

- Feb 01, 2018-


One study found that the brain that sleep is the process of the smart choice to "forget", forget about trivial matters, the next day to receive new messages. The original sleep not only helps memory, but also helps to forget. The following 20 facts about sleep make you more aware of sleep.

1. If you fall asleep automatically within five minutes, it actually means sleep deprivation. The normal time to sleep should be 10 to 15 minutes.

2. The record of human not sleeping remains for 11 days.

3. Insufficient sleep people will feel 30% more pain.

4. 41% of people show a baby sleeping position (Foetus), is the most common sleeping position.

5. About 2 million people in Taiwan lose sleep and eat 330 million sleeping pills annually.

6. The two hemispheres in the dolphin brain alternate sleep, while sleeping, while the other sober. So be alert during sleep.

7. Bee, Drosophila and humans will sleep, but also because of lack of sleep and confusion.

8. The longest sleepy mammals in the world are koalas (22 hours) and giraffes (1.9 hours) the fewest.

9. Sheep goat sleep because sheep and sleep sounds like.

10. stay up late (easy to make people nightmares.

11. Most dreams are silent.

12. Color TV before the invention, only 15% of people do color dreams.

13. When sleep changes with the rest of the holiday, upset the physiological clock, is the so-called social jet lag, no wonder Monday always get up.

14. Dysania refers to the state of hard to get up in the morning. You can say I had so much dysania this morning.

15. Z is the last letter of the English word, the end of the representative, like the sound of snoring, so sleep is often used Zzz said.

16. Lunch break When the body suddenly "shake" while lying down, feet suddenly twitching, or in a dream feeling falling from a height, it is natural to sleep and twitch (Hypnic Jerk).

17. Listen to pink noise (waterfall noise, rainy sounds and other natural noise) sleep memory will be doubled, and more than white noise (white noise) can improve light sleep.

18. The casino is not wall clock, no window, in order to let the gambler forget fatigue and sleep.

19. When humans fall asleep in unfamiliar surroundings, the left brain stays alert and leads to a reduced quality of sleep. This is the so-called First-Night Effect, commonly known as "recognition of the bed."

20. Blue wallpaper easy reminiscent of the sky, sea, calm feeling helps sleep.